Occupational Health Services

It no longer makes sense for an organisation to manage their own complex health services, but the South African employment legislation demands that these services are in place for most employees.

Shipmed Inc can relieve your staff of this obligation, freeing them to focus on your core business.

Offering a full Occupational Health Service to organisations on a once off, as well as a continuous contractual basis, Shipmed Inc has found that because we are flexible in our approach to each of our customers, we are able to build an Occupational Health Service to your specific staff requirements.

A team of Shipmed Inc staff, including doctors and nurses, are available for the following:

  • Pre-employment and exit medical examinations
  • General health and well-being assessments
  • Return to work assessments
  • Chronic disease management and support
  • Injuries on Duty
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Basic Primary Healthcare
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